Nairobi, with the presence of two UN Agencies (UNEP, UN Habitat) as well as the regional headquarters of various NGOs working at the African level seen an ideal space to create another informat network of Catholic NGOs.

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1. To bring together the diverse Catholic- Inspired NGOs working at the African level (lay movements, agencies, religious, etc) to explore spaces for synergy, cooperation, capacity building and networking.

2. To highlight the value of cooperation, partnership and dialogue with other Catholic actors in common aspects of projects and programmes.

3. To gather and represent all catholic youth in Africa in collaboration with the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences in Africa and Madagascar.

4. To look at the present activities of Catholic NGOs with the intergovernmental institutions in Africa (UNEP, Habitat, African Union) and to explore how to improve the Catholic presence and voice, especially in light of the growing importance of the African Union.